The Open Minds network brings together scholars in/of East and Southeast Asia who share an interest in the diverse forms and uses of psychological knowledge, and in the interrelation of sociocultural forces and individual psychology. This network connects scholars whose work responds to the rapid expansion of psychotherapeutic services across the region, the global rise of the happiness industry, and the ways in which psychological techniques are shaping contemporary forms of governance. The network also builds on an abiding scholarly interest in the mutual constitution of self and society, including research on family life, socialization, morality, emotion, cognition, individualization, technology, and mental health. The Open Minds network aims to facilitate dialogue and collaboration between academics and between fields of inquiry. We welcome contributions from colleagues across a range of disciplines including psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, human geography, history, literature and film, cultural studies, media studies, and the neurosciences.

By building these connections, the network hopes to support research, teaching, and graduate training in all areas in which social science perspectives can enhance the study of psychotherapy and psychology.

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